Transmodule: The 100-day trial period is over

30 Jun


The transmodule has now been in use since last September. And quite a number of TLM packaging machines equipped with it have already been delivered and are functioning well as expected.

The design advantage of the transmodule is apparent from the fact that it is much simpler to equip a transport section with the transmodule than with a conventional vacuum conveyor.  The higher degree of flexibility offered by the transmodule is also quite obvious.

Although minor problems still repeatedly occur, including those that lead to improvements being made on machines already delivered, they continue to be within the normal range. It is very clear that the development team has done a fine job.

A reduction in costs has also already been achieved, and that means all TLM packaging machines will be equipped with the transmodule in the future. Just a few days ago we began the second series of 100 transmodules.

And it's safe to say that with the transmodule it will be possible to realize things in the future that were considered impossible up until now. Just like our TLM-F2 packaging robot in the mid-80's, the transmodule will revolutionize packaging machines.