New Packaging Center

04 Aug


The Bavarian State Brewery of Weihenstephan and other interested breweries from the region can process their exports via the new packaging center in the “Unterschleißheim” area of Munich. Schubert Verpackungsservice GmbH, founded in Summer 2008, operates the center in cooperation with SIRL Interaktive Logistik GmbH.

The basic idea came about due to economic considerations. In 2006, Gerhard Schubert GmbH was able to convince Weihenstephan that only Schubert had the most flexible solution for packaging the export containers at that time. However,Weihenstephan’s export volume was insufficient to efficiently utilize this highly flexible, high-tech line’s capacity.

What to do? At Schubert, the idea of gaining additional small and medium-sized breweries for this outsourcing project grew. That would be done through a service center offering packaging services covering all aspects of “exporting” – from transporting the beer cases to the center, packaging them in various types of containers, labeling these containers, printing these labels with a barcode, preparing the final packaging on pallets, to shipping the export goods in containers and customs processing.

It was a success. Schubert’s TLM packaging line, the heart of the center, has started processing the bottles. This takes place in common cluster forms (3-count, 6-count, 12-count) or in special sizes or promotion packs, for example five bottles plus a “weiss” beer glass. It will be approximately 150,000 hectoliters (6,600,000 gallons) of beer in the first year.

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