Crooked Types

07 Aug


The TLM FFS system from Schubert

Crailsheim. The TLM FFS-System from Gerhard Schubert GmbH is fitted with a swivel-action film transport system for improved product filling. This is done by tilting the entire thermoforming section of the TLM packaging line at any optional angle: The three TLM components of the TLM FFS system – the thermoforming unit, the sealing unit and the film transport – tilt at an angle of +/- 30° parallel to the direction of travel to assume a suitable incline.

“Crooked filling” makes sense wherever individual products are placed upright, i.e. standing on their narrow side, in the packaging. This situation often arises when packaging products such as cookies or gingerbread.

Insertion of products into thermoformed plastic trays is usually performed in TLM FFS systems by the TLM F44 robots in conjunction with optical image processing systems.

TLM FFS machines work with continuously running film transport. This is made possible by synchronous movement of the thermoforming station and the thermoforming unit synchronously to the film travel. Film travel is controlled by the TLM F44 robots or indirectly by the number of products being packaged.

Like all TLM machines, the TLM FFS modules are fully electronically controlled and driven, and feature a highly hygienic design.

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